This is a collaboration of Shasta Ellenbogen and Ferdinand Breil.
All the electronic sounds orgininally come from the viola (although mostly heavily processed).
Viola – Shasta Ellenbogen
Electronics – Ferdinand Breil

Resonanzen – Vertonte Erinnerungen
This piece is based on the interviews I did with four elderly people. It is a collage of new music and songs that mean something to them.
Soprano — Marielou Jacquard
Recorders — Julia Andres
Viola — Shasta Ellenbogen
Harpsichord — Aura Visala
Recordingengineer – Matthias Erb
Mixing – Ferdinand Breil
Video – Aaike Stuart & Boris van Hoof
Grafics –
Concept and Projectmanagement — Ferdinand Breil
Supported by Kulturförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
In Cooperation with BQG Ankunft, Theaterkapelle Berlin, uferbuero and Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt e.V.


Here’s a recording of ‚Traktur‘ which I wrote for the Wantalon project at Schloss Wiepersdorf. Traktur is partly improvised meaning only the structure and some basic note material have been composed. The instruments used are my Philicorda 751, Sebastian Elikowski Winkler’s Hammond Nihon, the church organ of the chapel and laptop electronics.
The word Traktur refers to the inside mechanics of the church organ. This technical term is meant to direct the attention towards the fact that in essence all the instruments used are doing the same. But due to having been built in different era’s and thus possessing the technical possiblities of the time a great variety of sounds can be produced with them. The composition is embedded into the Wantalon-installation I made.

Henry Mex – Philicorda
Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler – Hammond
Arne Sanders – Church Organ
Ferdinand Breil – Laptop Electronics


This piece is not yet completely finished. Flashback is the working title. There is not really a concept behind it. I just started writing some notes. Feels like it has to do with the past somehow.

Men Moet

A composition for organ, female voice and live electronics on 8 speakers composed for the E-live concert in the Nicolai church in Utrecht. The words are taken from the poem Men Moet by Dutch poet Toon Tellegen.The organ in the Nicolai church has registers that fade in gradually. That gives you the possibility to let sounds begin with nothing and by adding registers let it swell more and more. This technique is the basis of the composition.

Milena Dukanovic – Organ
Agnes Loonstra – Voice
Sjoerd van der Sanden – Live Electronics

Der Traum

For this String Quartet the poem El Sueño by Pablo Neruda served as an inspirational source.

Below the Surface

A composition for Marimba and Synthesizers.


El Cielo dentro de la Montaña

For the ‚Karneval der Kulturen‘ 2012 in Berlin artist Gonzalo Oyarzún Riveros made a dance performance with a group of the AWO. Participants of the contest have only 90 seconds in front of the jury. This piece of music accompanied the performance. Andrea Schwarzbach and Carolina Dawabe improvised their parts in the recording session.

Andrea Schwarzbach – Soprano
Carolina Dawabe – Soprano
Sylvia Eulitz – Cello
Servullo Mendez Rey – Spoken Vocals

Laat de meiden naar binnen

‚Laat de meiden naar binnen‘ is a piece I wrote for the ‚Community Compositie 2009‘ project. For this project I talked to a man living in an elderly peoples home about his first love. Then I wrote the libretto and finally the music for this mini-opera. It was performed in his living room.

Gerda Marijs – Violoncello
Katya Gabeli – Violin
Irazú Hernández – Piano
João Luís Veloso Paixão – Bariton